Download These New Emojis for Whats App to Double the Fun when You Chat!

The most widely used instant messaging service in the world, WhatsApp, has been gradually evolving from a basic chat software into a more complex project with features that are nearly (but not quite) on par with the finest available. It recently gave its Android app the ability to star messages and rich link previews, similar to those found on Viber or Facebook Messenger.

The 2.12.367 version of WhatsApp that you could download has had these two capabilities for a while, and last week they were eventually incorporated into the official app update available through the Play Store.

Download These New Emojis for Whats App to Double the Fun when You Chat!

A number of new emojis are now available for you to incorporate into your WhatsApp conversations, and we all know how crucial this collection will be for our ability to express ourselves in the future. You will receive a unicorn, shamrock, spider, medals, and racing cars in addition to dietary necessities like a hot dog, taco, burrito, popcorn, or champagne to express your exuberant emotions.

Download These New Emojis for Whats App to Double the Fun when You Chat!

There is also a new detective face expression, and the emojis are now organized into eight tabs rather than five, so there are lots to discover after you and your contacts install the most recent WhatsApp version.

The emojis appear to be from the Unicode 8 set, and some of them will also be available on stock Android on Nexus devices with an upgrade that is anticipated for next week. How about thumbing those Nexus owners in the meanwhile by incorporating them directly into your WhatsApp talks on Android with your friends? What you must do is as follows:

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1. Download the Android beta of WhatsApp 2.12.374;

2. If you downloaded using an Android device, tap the download notification in the status bar, or if you downloaded using a computer, sideload the APK file first onto your phone or tablet;

3. You will be prompted by the WhatsApp 2.12.374 version for a number of app permissions; simply select “next” on each screen until the software begins to install;

4. Select a contact and unleash your newfound emoji power on them!

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