Disney Prime’ Could Be Coming – All the Information So Far

There already seems to be a subscription service for just about anything you can think of, and there’s a good chance that there will be yet another one soon. There have been rumors that Disney is exploring the feasibility of launching a subscription service to compete with the likes of Amazon Prime.

It has been speculated by The Wall Street Journal(opens in new tab) that subscribers to this service would be eligible for discounts or other incentives in an effort to increase their spending on other Disney offerings, such as streaming services, theme parks, and retail.

Disney Prime' Could Be Coming - All the Information So Far

The story states that talks regarding the service are still in their infancy, but that the WSJ was able to learn a few key details from its sources. The first is that employees have taken to calling the program “Disney Prime,” an obvious attempt to draw parallels between the two companies offerings. The current name is only temporary.

The second is that this service is not designed for die-hard Disney fans but rather for those who are simply interested in the brand. After all, Disney has the D23 fan club and other membership schemes already in place.

Scanning QR codes to purchase products related to the best Disney Plus shows is one idea under consideration, which would give Disney Plus subscribers a distinct advantage (opens in a new tab). This is something that might be available to everyone, albeit Disney Prime members might get some perks as a result.

Disney Prime' Could Be Coming - All the Information So Far

Subscribers can get their hands on special merchandise, like a plastic replica of The Darksaber from The Mandalorian and other Star Wars shows. Supposedly, Disney Plus could roll out the new feature as soon as this year. It’s been said that Disney has considered partnering with other companies to offer discounts, such as selling cheap tickets to their Broadway productions.

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The Disney streaming services (Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus) are likely to be included in any significant subscription. Because Disney isn’t as dominant in retail as Amazon is, the firm may need to get innovative with its rewards in order to attract and retain employees. It’s not fantastic that you can get free two-day shipping, but only if you buy Disney products.

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