A fan following of 140K, DaRealMedia has helped many influencers over time achieve a large audience. Examples include “Rosa Iris”, “Miketokz”,” Atuedad” and “Pio La Ditingancia”.
In the present time, these influencers were helped build their empire on different platforms including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, each with over a million followers.
By taking a closer look, we get to know that the mastermind behind this firm is a single person who single-handedly helps various people establish their careers. 
Although the mystery man decides to keep his face a secret for the rest of his life, he aids these influencers by starring them in brands, paid commercials and sponsors. This takes their game to the next level and attracts more viewers.
“Pio La Ditingancia”, occupies more than 3.7 million followers, “Atuedad”, with a fanbase of 1.8 million, @Rosaiiriisss having 1.2 million spectators, and “MikeTokz”, with an account of 6 million followers on TikTok and 1 million followers on Instagram. These are some of his highlighted works, showing that the man is not limited only to words. 
Considering that all of this was achieved in less than a half year genuinely shows the mysterious man’s skills. It reflects the trust that the influences put in him to a great extent. Luckily the person was not a disappointment either but turned out a great success.
DaRealMedia revealed that he is unbothered by fame and only thinks of the influencers. He simply does not want to cast a shadow over the other influencers’ success. His priority has been to help others and not overdo them. 
DaRealMedia showcases new faces into the influencer industry and helps the people deprived of necessities. The establishment helps the ones in need by providing them sources of income and basic fundamentals of life. 
The thriving business of DaRealMedia does not stop here. The mystery man believes in assisting in eradicating poverty by aiding people with as many job opportunities as he can. His most recent projects’ being one of the most significant example, “QAAR” a taxi application based in New York City. It provides people with taxis and lets the drivers keep all the profit to themselves, unlike most corporates that consume 60% of what the driver earns.
In conclusion, the world is in a debt of people like this man, and his endeavours are worth the praise, including his performance.

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