How to Get and Set a Custom Profile Picture for Netflix?

Personalizing your Bridgerton viewing experience can make all the difference. Now that Netflix knows exactly what we like and dislike, it can make recommendations based on our viewing history and let us rate individual episodes or entire seasons. However, you may further personalise your Netflix experience by making some additional settings adjustments. What we’re referring to is a personalised image for your Netflix profile.

No, we don’t mean changing your Netflix profile picture to a gif of Ariana Grande or Missy from Big Mouth. If the icon you want to use for your Netflix profile isn’t in the library, you can still use it as your profile picture. How does one go about making their own image for their Netflix profile? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

The Term “Netflix” Doesn’t Seem Familiar

custom netflix profile picture

You may have heard of Netflix if you are a fan of television shows or motion pictures. It’s a great streaming service with tonnes of episodes, movies, anime, docs, miniseries, and more to choose from.

It’s possible to access this service from a wide variety of portable electronic gadgets. It is available through a variety of different channels and devices, including web browsers on PCs and the app for smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, and so on.

Signing into your Netflix account is all it takes to start watching TV episodes and movies instantly. Television shows can be downloaded and viewed at a later time. Depending on the plan, a Netflix subscription might cost anywhere from $9.99 to $19.99 per month.

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Does Netflix Allow for A User-Specific Profile Picture?

Up to five distinct user accounts can be created inside a single Netflix account, each with their own unique preferences and customizations.

A Netflix profile image is automatically assigned when you sign up. Perhaps you’ve wondered if a personal profile image can be used in Netflix’s profile customization.

As the accompanying image demonstrates, Netflix actually lets you change your profile picture to something from Netflix’s own library (image source:, Max Dalton). Lots of them are from shows that Netflix created themselves.

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Where Do I Go to Get My Own Netflix Profile Image?

custom netflix profile picture

Netflix makes it simple to update your profile picture, but adding a personal photo can be more of a challenge. In order to make a personalised picture on Netflix, you can do one of two things. If you’ve already linked your Facebook account to Netflix, your current Facebook profile photo will serve as your Netflix symbol. The alternative is to install a Google Chrome add-on called Custom Profile Picture for Netflix.

With this add-on, subscribers to Netflix can replace the service’s icon with one of their choosing. The add-on may be installed on your Chrome browser by simply downloading it from the Chrome Webstore. Next, open Custom Profile Picture for Netflix from the “Manage Profiles” page, and you’ll be able to replace the pictures for all of your Netflix accounts at once. The extension will prompt you to upload an image from your computer if one has not already been saved.

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A few things to keep in mind when replacing the Netflix logo with anything you like: Be careful you choose an a.jpeg file size of less than 5MB that can be cropped to a square. If you’ve always wanted to convert your Netflix profile image into a reality, now you know how!

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