Check out Instagram’s Caption Sticker for Stories!

Captions are a new news sticker feature that Instagram has added to its stories. The captions sticker will enable viewers to see real-time subtitles while automatically transcribing speech in Instagram stories. The feature is explained in detail here.

What to Write for Instagram Live Stories’ Captions?

IGTV and the Threads app already had an Instagram caption feature. The feature is now being added to Instagram’s Reels and Stories. There are two ways to implement the feature. Utilizing the caption sticker is the first option.

Check out Instagram's Caption Sticker for Stories!

Select a video to share on your Instagram story to accomplish this. Locate the “Stickers” button on the preview page just before sharing it. Find the Captions button among the available sticker options, then click on it to add the sticker to the story.

This will translate the audio in the video. Users can also tap on the transcript to change the font or color by tapping the font option below or the color picker at the top.

How to Use Instagram’s Stories Captions Sticker

Check out Instagram's Caption Sticker for Stories!

Instagram is releasing a cute new sticker option for Stories that will convert speech to text automatically. In order to keep users who have their sound off engaged, this auto-captioning feature offers a variety of text style options.

What You Should Know About Caption Stickers:

You shouldn’t anticipate perfect accuracy because the text will automatically generate based on the audio.

If there are any problems, you can edit the text.

You can also change the text’s position, color, and font.

English-speaking users can already access this feature, but it should soon be available to more people. Caption Stickers are currently only available for use in Stories, but soon they will also be usable in Reels.

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It’s also important to note that IGTV received a similar auto-captioning feature last year; however, those captions look more like a standard closed captioning implementation than the fashionable Caption Stickers feature.

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