Cashback Offer on Whats App Pay: Get Rs 51 up To 5 Times for Just Rs 1

WhatsApp is playing Santa this Diwali with this cashback offer from WhatsApp Pay. The popular chat application is promoting WhatsApp Pay by offering a 51 INR discount on each transaction. In addition, there is no restriction on the amount of money you can gift to someone utilizing its service. Consequently, you can pay your friend Re 1 and receive 51 in return. This is a straightforward method for making money.

The promotional offer is accessible in beta channel mode. Due to the fact that this WhatsApp promotion is valid on the first five transactions, users can receive up to 255 rupees. You can receive 51 INR for each transaction, guaranteed, for each of the five transactions. The funds will be deposited directly into the bank account you have associated with WhatsApp Pay. The promotion appears to be limited to Android cellphones for the time being.

Offer for Whats App Pay Cashback

Cashback Offer on Whats App Pay: Get Rs 51 up To 5 Times for Just Rs 1

Since the launch of WhatsApp Pay in India, this appears to be an aggressive marketing campaign. WhatsApp Pay has existed for some time, but it has failed to acquire traction. WhatsApp appears to be following in the footsteps of Google Pay in attracting new users to its network.

A few years ago, Google Pay relied on the concept of cashback as a way to recruit more customers to its service. On every transaction, Google Pay once rewarded customers with scratch cards, some of which paid cashback and others of which provided coupons and other advantages. PhonePe offers comparable cashback incentives to lure more users to their platform.

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Whats App Pay: How To Configure

  •  Click the “Re” icon in the text field of any WhatsApp conversation.
  • WhatsApp will send you a notification to add the payment method, which you must click.
  • Select one institution from the list.
  • You should also verify that your WhatsApp number matches the mobile phone registered with your bank.
  • If you continue, an SMS to verify your identity will be sent to your phone number.
  • If you already have a UPI PIN, all you need to do to activate your service is enter it. If you are utilizing UPI for the first time, you will need to create a new PIN.

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