Cannabis Entrepreneur Carissa Davino Spends $9 M for Sleek Contemporary in L.A.

The Medmen dude has just had to sell his LA Mansion to an 18-year-old- Tuber but vape queen, Davino, from Chicago has $ 9 million to spend. She’d better spend wisely because post Coronavirus vape class actions are, we’d suggest,  going to be very aggressive.

Many people in the marijuana industry have benefited financially from California’s decision to legalize marijuana for recreational use, but those at the very top of the food (or weed?) chain have reaped the greatest rewards. Carissa Davino, a former inhabitant of Chicago who now spends a significant amount of time in Los Angeles, where her multiple business endeavors are mostly located, is an example of an executive.

Despite maintaining a low profile, Davino is the only actual controlling member of Double Barrel LLC, the business entity that owns a patented dual-chamber vaporizer that gives cannabis connoisseurs the ability to directly vape two cartridges. The device, which sells for a whopping $90 a unit and is specifically targeted at a “subtle but ignored connoisseur,” has nevertheless become popular across the country, perhaps as a result of endorsements by famous vape enthusiasts. For his Coachella crew alone, Diddy reportedly bought 50 double barrels in 2018.

Cannabis Vape Queen Carissa Davino Buys Luxury Villa In L.A

Avanzato’s president could be Davino Technology a Westside Los Angeles-based company that focuses on producing things like vaporizers and e-cigarettes. Avanzato also produces innovations within its own field of expertise, such as the increasingly popular vape pens that have evolved into a staple product of renowned hashish producers like Dosist.

Public corporate financial reports show that the Italian-American marijuana tycoon was one of the biggest shareholders in Sunniva, a publicly-traded hashish company situated in Vancouver, in addition to his entrepreneurial vape ventures. Davino owned a portion of Sunniva as of 2016, and that portion alone was worth more than $8.6 million.

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Davino invested some of that greenbacks in the real estate market last year, paying $9 million for a luxurious L.A. home. Built on a hunch and completed in 2018, Davino’s boxy modern extravagance is completely enclosed by camera-viewed walls and gates for privacy. It is located just above the enduring Sundown Strip in the lower Hollywood Hills.

A beautiful residential showpiece that perfectly combines natural elements, such as light, water, and glass, with distinctive features, such as European hardwood flooring and marble mined in Italy, can be found behind the two-tone cream and charcoal façade. The adjacent kitchen has practically every high-end Miele appliance known to man, and the large living area has a fireplaced into a monolithic block wall carved from black marble.

There are seven bedrooms spread throughout the nearly 6,500 square-foot estates, but the upper-floor master retreat, which the listing appropriately describes as “massive,” is without a doubt the real star of the property. The luxurious den features a separate front area, radiant heated flooring, twin showers, toilets, and vanities inside a spa-like tub, making it perfect for a CEO. The master’s showcase dressing room and closet would not be out of place in a Rodeo Drive boutique, and a wraparound terrace offers views of the city lights.

Speaking of views, the exclusive vantage point of the 1,000-square-foot rooftop terrace offers even greater panoramas. Additionally, it has a bar, a jacuzzi, and a large lounge area with space for gatherings or solitary vaping. Additionally, the sizable roof makes up for the.24-acre lot, which isn’t very large for the area while having a sexy, negative-edge pool with an embedded spa.

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Any modern mansion in Los Angeles these days, especially one costing $9 million, is expected to be a fully functional home, and the new Davino property doesn’t disappoint. Through a Control4 system, the owner’s iPad might be used to remotely administer all of the property. The high-flying jet set of the fashionable era is increasingly global, necessitating remote monitoring and control of lights, sound, and cameras.

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