Bug Fixes and Server Issues for Apex Legends!

Reports of ‘No Servers Found’ error cycles in Apex Legends started to stream in after the most recent update. Players were unable to simply launch the game, especially if they had applied the latest patch. It is currently widely accepted that this is, in reality, a fundamental problem with the new version. It appears to be a server-related issue.

Whatever the situation, players from the community have been quick to come up with creative solutions to get around it and join the action as soon as they can. Players must: in order to fix Apex Legends’ “No Servers Found” issue loop.

Activate Apex Legends

Bug Fixes and Server Issues for Apex Legends!

  • When the message “No Servers Found” appears, click TAB to select a data center.
  • Open the Data Center menu, then pick the server that is listed after the one you just chose.
  • Replay the game. If it doesn’t work, try a different server and try again.

As I previously stated, there is just a very small amount of information available at the time, however, it appears that certain servers run the game as they should and some servers don’t.

Additionally, it appears that the players’ present location also plays a part. Due to the fact that some users can play the game on specific servers while others cannot. For instance, while some players are able to start the game from the London servers, others are not.

Bug Fixes and Server Issues for Apex Legends!

Since the Apex Legends devs have historically been rather prompt in resolving or patching bugs, we don’t anticipate anything less this time around.

However, until the flaw is rectified, adhere to the above instructions to resolve the dreaded “No Server Found” error loop. Additionally, regardless of the ping, you may be receiving, keep trying servers until you find one that allows you to play the game.

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