BMM – Creating a Parallel Universe of Anime for All

The work on this project is fantastic and the project plan is inspiring. Anime is one of the fastest-growing content types in the world. In fact, it is a global movement, with over 1 billion people consuming anime in some way or another. Now, a group of people who love it aims to harness their passion constructively.

BMM is an anime incubation DAO in the context of Rick and Morty anime, intending to empower and fund those who will build and contribute to our decentralized future, leaving them free to create and enjoy the world of anime. The rest is up to us to break the stranglehold of the rules of the capitalist economy. We will challenge all this because we want to be the best-decentralized anime incubation DAO platform.

The founders’ idea of excellence comes from the concept of parallel universes in Rick and Morty anime. It has become the founders’ ideal belief to create a parallel universe of anime for all. They bring anime creators from around the world together and create a community for all anime fans worldwide.

The difference between BMDAO and other DAO organizations is that BMDAO will be a self-governing organization formed by anime fans worldwide, promoting and attracting those talented and needy coin holders through the community to provide them with assistance in all aspects. It integrates anime IP into a DAO platform that integrates NFT, GameFi, virtual mall and peripheral products, thus leading anime fans into a whole new realm of parallel worlds.

The platform is open for development, allowing the world’s Morty and Rick lovers to work together to create an interactive community, empower their works through the creative play of enthusiasts, collaborate with the community and treasury funds, and achieve market value reflecting the auction of works NFT roles, creating a DAO incubation platform where community and market are one.

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BMM, an anime-based incubation DAO, will soon go live on the BSC chain, providing a community platform for anime creators worldwide to create and embody the value of their NFT. It is jointly funded by several renowned venture capital institutions, such as Singapore’s DIAMOND NODE Fund.

Now, the first batch of creative anime works will be collected worldwide and the most innovative and outstanding works will be selected and awarded the Genesis Medal.


Contact Person: Hector Hernandez



Telephone: +65 6325 4111

City: Kuala Lumpur

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