Best Ways to Restore or Factory Reset Your iPhone Outside of iTunes!

Before, users who wanted to restore their iPhones had to use iTunes. But in 2019, Apple stopped supporting iTunes. Everyone was perplexed about how to restore or reset an iPhone without iTunes after the abrupt disappearance of the software. Read on to find out how to restore your iPhone using your Mac if you’re looking for a way to do it without using any third-party software.

Additionally, the processes involved in restoring and resetting an iPhone are totally different and produce different results. So that you don’t lose your data, we’ll also assist you in determining when to restore and when to reset your iPhone.

When Should I Reset and Restore My iPhone?

An iPhone can be restored or reset using two separate procedures. Users now have a range of options when using iOS’s Reset iPhone Setting feature. Without having to worry about losing any data, one can reset stored Network Settings, Home Screen Layout, etc., or Reset All Settings. You also have the option to erase all the data on your iPhone along with the settings.


This method is frequently used to resolve problems brought on by incorrect settings, etc. because it allows you to wipe your data or not touch it at all when you reset an iPhone. Additionally, neither the iOS version nor the device’s firmware is impacted.

Reset iPhone Without iTunes

However, restoring an iPhone enables users to rescue devices that have become stuck in Recovery mode, DFU mode (Device Firmware Update), or on an error screen. You can now restore your iPhone either from a backup or to its factory default settings. You retrieve all the data and settings when you restore your iPhone from a backup. You will, however, lose all of your data if you decide to restore your iPhone to factory settings.

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Things to Know Before Resetting an iPhone

As was already noted, iOS gives you a ton of options when you reset your iPhone. Before selecting any of these alternatives, we should be informed of the settings and data we would lose.

All of the options for resetting iPhone settings and the data or settings that will be reset are described below.

  • Reset All Settings: Network Settings, Keyboard Dictionary, Location Settings, and Privacy Settings are reset to default. All your Apple Pay cards are removed, but no data or media from the device is deleted.
  • Reset Network Settings: All Network Settings are removed. The device s name is reset to iPhone. All the manually trusted certificates are changed to untrusted. Saved Wi-Fi passwords and VPN profiles are removed.
  • Reset Keyboard Dictionary: All the words you’ve added to your iPhone s keyboard dictionary are removed. Want to know more? Check out our guide on how to reset your iPhone keyboard history.
  • Reset Home Screen Layout: All the built-in apps return to their factory default location on the Home Screen.
  • Reset Location and Privacy: Location Services and Privacy Settings are reset to default.
  • Erase All Content and Settings: You will be signed out of your Apple ID, every installed app will be removed alongside all of your data, Find My Activation Lock will be deactivated and all of the above-listed settings will be reset to default factory settings.

Before you do any of these things, you should also make a backup of your iPhone on your Mac or in iCloud. And before you restore or reset your iPhone without iTunes, have your Apple ID, password, and passcode ready.

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How to Reset an iPhone Without iTunes

Best Ways to Restore or Reset iPhone without iTun

You may simply reset your iPhone without iTunes if you have no trouble accessing the settings menu on your device. Not even a Mac is necessary. In order to prevent data loss, we’ll also walk you through the process of backing up your iPhone to iCloud. To reset an iPhone without iTunes or a connection to a Mac, follow the instructions listed below.

4 minutes are required.

To reset an iPhone without iTunes or a connection to a Mac, follow the instructions listed below.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap the Your Name option below the search bar.
  • Tap the iCloud option on the next screen.
  • Now, tap the iCloud Backup option under Device Backups,
  • Tap Back Up Now on the Backup screen. If you do not have a Wi-Fi connection, enable the Back Up Over Mobile Data toggle.
  • Once the backup is complete, head back to Settings and navigate to General.
  • Scroll down and select the Transfer or Reset iPhone option on the next screen.
  • Tap Reset and select the option that best suits your needs or tap Erase All Content and Settings and follow the onscreen instructions.

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How to Restore an iPhone Without iTunes Using a Mac

  •  Go to the General tab now.
  •  If you want to delete all of your data, settings, and software, then choose the Restore iPhone option in the software area.
  •  To restore your iPhone from a previous Mac backup, choose the Restore Backup option in the Backups section’s bottom right corner, and then follow the onscreen prompts.
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Restoring or Resetting an iPhone Without iTunes is Easy

You can restore or reset your iPhone using this method. Therefore, keep these instructions in mind or refer to this article the next time your iPhone gets stuck in recovery mode or DFU mode. Additionally, make sure to reset your iPhone and choose the option to “Erase All Content and Settings” if you intend to sell it. This will assist in clearing all of your data from your iPhone. Please let us know in the comments section below if you have any other queries.

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