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Buying a brand new PC is exciting, but setting it up once you get it home can be difficult. PC configurator means you have complete control over all components you choose. PC Configurator from CLS Computer allows you to configure the gaming PC in no time at all. Further, you get to peer under the hood and see what makes a video game PC to run.
On the other hand, if you don’t set it up correctly, you can open yourself to having some real problems down the road. No doubt building a gaming PC by yourself isn’t just an immensely satisfying experience, but it also means you can tailor your PC to your own needs. Frankly, it’s pretty easy, too.
You have no to mess about with jumper switches, northbridges, and clock timings. You need a short guidance, a little patience, and the right components to assemble the PC. So don’t worry, we are here to help. Our PC Konfigurator will assist you to assemble a PC online in an easy way.

Best Hardware Components for PC Configuration:

First of all, you need a motherboard. Secondly, a CPU (central processing unit), storage, memory, a power supply. Finally, a PC case and a monitor. In contrast, some other PC components you might not need if you’re mostly using that PC for home office tasks. For instance, a GPU (graphics processing unit) is a necessary hardware component for photo or video editing and gaming. That’s a lot of stuff. When you configure the PC, pay attention to what wishes your new gaming PC should fulfill. Our PC configurator does the rest for you. Assembling a PC can be so easy! 
Here’s a little overview of what each component does, along with some hardware recommendations.


It is the main circuit board of your computer. If you check the internal part of a computer, the big silicon piece you will see is the Motherboard. All other components of your computer are a plug with this circuit board. It is a hard choice to choose the best Motherboard to assemble a PC. It’s like a highway they use to communicate and collaborate. However, they come in different sizes and configurations, and each one looks a little different, but they all fill the same function.

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Processor (CPU)

CPU is the heart of your PC. It has a socket directly attached to the Motherboard. No doubt, it’s the most crucial component of your PC. However, when it comes to consumer PCs business and data-center rigs are an exclusive beast there’s never been a CPU as potent as AMD’s 32-core, 64-thread Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX.


You’ll see many of the same terms when you’re looking at memory and storage, but they’re quite different. Memory used for storing data before and after processing. But most important is the memory to retain results temporary till further processing, for instance, Random Access. It is necessary to choose a faster memory while putting together a desktop PC. 


The storage or “secondary storage” is used to store data permanently into your PC. It is like your PC’s walk-in closet. Here you can store all your files, your games, your movies, your documents, your photos, and everything.

Power Supply

The power supply is another primary hardware component. It looks like a little box that keeps the electricity running to each part of the PC. The power supply is determined by how quick and powerful it is.

PC Case

If you want to build a stunning video gaming PC, an attractive PC case is the first thing you should have in your mind. It helps to provide access to controlling your lighting. MSI MPG GUNGNIR 100 Case design keeping these conveniences in mind.

CPU Cooler and Case Fans

CPU cooler and Case fans are among the most visible parts of your rig when you use a PC case with a tempered glass window like the MSI MPG GUNNER 100. It provides a specific air cooling solution ideally for CPU coolers and Case Fan.

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LED Strips

LED strips aim to drive away from the darkness. It will enhance the visual appearance of your gaming PC with LED strips. It also creates eye-catching, colorful effects which you can control. Use Strip in spaces that aren’t covered by your other components and accessories to ensure that your lighting remains uniforms and as gorgeous as ever.


When it comes to peripherals, you have an immense array of products to choose from for PC configuration. These are the following peripheral for gamers building video gaming PC below:

  • Gaming Headset (MSI IMMERSE GH70)
  • Gaming Mouse (MSI CLUTCH GM50)
  • Gaming Keyboard (MSI VIGOR GK80)

Why do you choose Our PC Configurator?

Our intelligent gaming PC configurator knows how to put together all the components to make an ideal gaming PC for you. Configuring the gaming PC is not rocket science, but few things should be considered while assembling a PC. No worries, PC configurator familiar with the high end of providing inexpensive and high-quality components to configure your PC.

Configure your PC Easily and Intuitively:

Nowadays, Installing and configuring your computer isn’t exactly rocket science, but there are a few influential things to consider. For instance, performing the right steps in order will ensure that the job does right. With that in mind, our intelligent gaming PC configurator knows how to put together a desktop PC.
This content will guide you through the various components and accessories that you can use to light up your battle station. And to ensure that all the several parts work in synergy to make the best PC configurator.
Youtube Video Guide (PC Konfigurator):

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How can the PC Configurator guide for hardware Accessories?

PC configurator will assist you with options of suitable and high-quality accessories that you consider while assembling a PC. We’ll advise you to choose the best gaming accessories such as wired and wireless gaming mice, bewildering keyboards, high quality LED lighting, headphones, and mouse. So, check out our hardware accessories that will change your entire PC look.

How do you select hardware Components?

The important thing here is the selection of high-quality hardware for your desktop PC configurator. No matter what your experience level, you should use CLS Computer. We not only have everything you need to buy, but also let you build your PC by piece right there on the pc configurator. Moreover, our PC configurator online to make sure all your hardware will play nicely together.
In any case, what kind of PC you’re building (home office or gaming), the components you need are the same.

Come and Consult us:

We love to provide quality products for forthcoming or existing customers. You can get what you expect, as well as demonstrating some of our bewildering and distinctive hardware components. Now, consult us today so we can discuss and explore your needs.
We’re not going too far into the weeds here. Because the internals of every computer during PC assembly are a little different. But in general, there is a need to consider all the above components to build up a bewildering PC with outstanding hardware features.

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