Nail fashion is centred around creativity and ability to apply new ideas and concept to create a unique and classy style. The utilization of a wide variety of nail polish colors to create magic and develop ideas that are soothing and fulfilling to any person, a client, and to the fashion industry as a whole is our major aim. Patterns and artistic ideas can only be brought into reality via the use of color representation. Loving multiple colors and not knowing how to properly combine them can be a hassle sometimes. This article would be enlightening you on the recent and hottest nail color combinations to try out this month.

  • Pink and Ash: the pink and ash color combo is a unique and beautiful nail color combination that you can try out this month. You can combine these colors in any pattern or style you desire, for example you can paint the first nail pink, the second ash, and keep going like that or you can combine them on the same nail by adding either the pink or ash on the tip, and using the other as base. Don’t forget to adorn this beautiful c Nude and royal blue: Using the nude as a base color, add the royal blue to the tip or side of the nail. Add a rhinestone on the other side and you have a very beautiful nail style.
  • Lilac purple and gold: this is a not so popular nail polish combination that is incredibly flash and attention catching. Thus nail combo expresses class and royalty and can be used for festive or ceremonial events. Attach little glitters on the lilac purple side to bring out a shiny effect.
  • Lemon green and black: this is a bold and classy nail color combo. It is suitable for costumes or outgoing people, make sure your color combination is 70% green and 30% black or vice versa. Do not mix them equally on each nail, get creative and create dots or splashes if you desire them. Try your lemon and green nails on black outfits and green shoes.
  • Silver and dark red: a combination of silver and dark red polish gives off a sassy yet chic vibe. It gives your fingernails a sophisticated and high class look. Add silver rhinestones on the red side of the combination to create a dramatic and shiny look. This nail combo can be styled with a silver, white, red or black outfit.
  • ombo with ornaments. Yellow and white: yellow and white combined gives out a warm and pure vibe, you can use a yellow base with white dots or a white base with yellow patterns. Add a transparent nail polish to give it a glossy and professional look. You can sweetly slay this nail combo with a yellow flowery dress or a bikini wear and corporate wears too.


I hope you try out one of these fascinating combinations this month, don’t forget to go a little extra and add some sparkles and totally slay that look. Some that go overboard with their nail fashion end up developing fungal infections. You can try out some otc nail fungus treatment to see if they work for you.


Make sure you practice healthy nails habits so that you do not end up having to deal with toe nail fungus treatment. Best way is not to have the nail infections at all. They can be avoided with proper health hygiene and healthy eating.

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