Benefits of Quitting bad Habits

A lot of teens and young adults have no concern if they want to quit vaping until they know how quitting can benefit them. No matter what their narrative is, marketing companies and big e-cigs and vape companies try selling their product like it is safe for everyone, when it is actually not and this is not about vape pens vs. box mods or whatever else you use and it is about safety.

The 510 threaded battery can power heating elements and turn them addictive into nicotine, which comes in different flavors and additional chemicals into vapors that are inhaled by users. The unfortunate thing is that their business keeps selling. It is as if people have not been warned about vaping.

Withdrawal Symptoms

The majority of people should expect to experience any form of vaping withdrawal symptoms and they are: headaches, mood swings, irritability, or anxiety which starts within 24 hours of when they last vaped.

You should prepare for this mentally and learn to accept the withdrawal symptoms that will pass in a short span of time.

Your Risk of Heart Attack Falls

Every day that you use a vape, it can double your risk of a heart attack. Once you quit, the risk starts to fall quickly. After a day, your risk of having a heart attack starts to decrease because your blood pressure lowers, which rises your blood oxygen levels, and reduces its negative influence on levels of cholesterol, and blood clot formation.

Nicotine Exits Your Body

After 72 hours, nicotine will go out of your system and the majority of unpleasant physical symptoms are going to be abated.

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You are going to have cravings, but this is how addiction tricks you, and your body does not need nicotine anymore.

Your Lungs are Much Healthier

Smokers normally experience a nagging cough or produce a wheezing sound when they start breathing that a lot of people call it a smoker’s cough. Even smoking vapes can impair your lungs badly and make fighting infections challenging. However, quitting helps your lungs recover. After a month, the capacity of lungs start to improve, and there is obviously less coughing and shortness of breath.

Increased Blood Circulation

Physicians are aware that nicotine from dab vapes or any kind of vape decreases blood flow around your heart and the same can be true with vape nicotine.

After a long time of abstinence, blood circulation starts to return to normal.

Risk of Stroke is a Lot Lower

The positive long-term effects when you quit vaping is that you have better heart health and blood pressure which gives you another important benefit: lower your risk of stroke. In comparison to non-smokers, vape users have a 71% risk of experiencing a stroke. Quitting vaping lowers that risk almost right away, but the risks will fall even more as time goes by.

Lower Cancer Risks a Decade Later

Since you have better lung health, you have a lower risk of cancer. In addition, your risk of developing mouth, pancreatic, and throat cancer is also lower.

Before using vapes with 510 threaded batteries, think about the risks as well so you are informed.   

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