Apple to Increase Retail Employees Salaries by 2 to 10 Percent

Apple is raising the pay for its U.S. retail staff. Depending on the area, Apple provides its U.S. retail staff raises ranging from two percent to ten percent. Depending on their job positions and store locations, employees may receive a compensation increase of 2% to 10% from the company. These positions include salespeople, technical support staff for Genius Bar, and certain senior hourly workers.

Apple Pay Raise

Apple to Increase Retail Employees Salaries by 2 to 10 Percent

The salary hike results from Apple employees complaining about the infrequent raise in pay and benefits despite working for the $200 billion world’s best-performing company.

According to MacRumors, the new $2 boost resulted in an increase in one salesperson’s pay of about $25 per hour. Another employee who is in charge of repairs saw a $3 increase in pay translate into an hourly increase of about $24. This week, Apple revealed that in addition to giving raises, the corporation will be enhancing benefits for workers.

Apple now provides 12 paid sick days annually, up from the previous six. These days can be utilized for illness, mental health leave, or family member doctor visits.

Salary Growth as A Result of The Pandemic

Apple to Increase Retail Employees Salaries by 2 to 10 Percent

Apple is raising employee pay in the midst of the “great resignation” in response to the tightening labor market, the inflation issue, and the staff’s complaints about their Covid-19 epidemic working conditions.

Apple is not an exception to the economic market pressures brought on by inflation. Businesses in the U.S. have had difficulty finding employees while the economy recovers from the pandemic.

Apple is making the effort to increase benefits and pay for both part-time and full-time workers as a way to appease its retail staff following the still-ongoing difficult times.

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Apple used to limit the number of additional vacation days it gave to staffers who had been with the company for five years. To compensate, the corporation has increased the number of vacation days that employees will be entitled to each year.

According to a Bloomberg story, Apple intends to start offering paid vacation time for part-time workers in April along with increased sick leave and additional child and elder care perks.

Features New to Apple

Apple rarely gives raises to workers across its retail network, but in September of last year, the company awarded $1,000 one-time incentives to store employees who had been employed before March 31, 2021.

Additionally, it offered $500 bonuses to workers employed after that time. Apple employs tens of thousands of retail workers and has more than 500 locations across more than 100 nations.

Additionally, according to Gadgets, a function that enables customers to pay with a single tap on their iPhones is under development.

This innovation, which makes use of near-field communication (NFC) technology, will be introduced this year.

Employees who have worked at the company for at least a year prior to the outbreak’s commencement in 2020 are expected to benefit from the raises. They are designed to better match seasoned workers with more recent hires.

The iPhone manufacturer told staff members individually and at store briefings this week about the wage increases.

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