Apple releases new AirTag firmware, but you might have to wait a month to get it

Apple is now issuing a fresh AirTag firmware for its item tracker device, after Apple’s Scary Fast event. Developer Aaron, an X user, claims that Cupertino has issued version 2A61. This is the first firmware update for the AirTag that has been made available since December 2022, which is nearly a year ago.

As to the developer’s announcement, 1% of users will receive this firmware today, 10% on November 7, 25% on November 14, and the whole rollout is anticipated by November 28. What modifications this firmware upgrade makes to the AirTag is unknown right now. This version was developed during beta testing of iOS 17.2 and after Apple made iOS 17.1 available to all users.

Apple finally enabled users to share the location of their AirTags with friends and family using Find My in iOS 17, albeit this feature was exclusive to iOS and did not necessitate an update to the item tracker firmware from Apple.

You must launch the Find My app in order to find the AirTag firmware version that is currently in use. Select the Items tab, the item you wish to inspect, and then click the name of the AirTag underneath. Its firmware version and serial number will be visible to you.

While your iPhone is charging and using Wi-Fi, you can keep the AirTagto close to it. However, it is not possible to force an update. The firmware for AirPods is updated using a comparable procedure.

Many have expressed concerns about privacy ever since Apple debuted its item tracker two and a half years ago, since stories have shown that people have been stalked using AirTags. To make it simpler for users to find an undesired item tracker, the Cupertino company has been making updates to the attachment.

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Having said that, turning off an AirTag is simple because you just need to open its back and take the battery out.

BGR will provide an update if the most recent firmware version has any new features.

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