Apple claims 8GB of RAM on M3 MacBook Pro is like having 16GB on PCs, but it’s not

There’s always something to be aware of with Apple math. It’s true that having your own hardware and software may make a big difference for your product; for example, the iPhone often functioned better even though it had half the RAM of other high-end Android handsets.

Many people were thrilled to see the improvements over the 13-inch model when the M3 MacBook Pro was released. These improvements included a miniLED display, new industrial design, ProMotion, multiple new ports, MagSafe compatibility, and more. However, for as little as $1,599, users will receive a computer sporting 512GB of storage, 8GB of RAM, and an entry-level M3 CPU.

While storage is acceptable for everyday use, 8GB of RAM is not overly sufficient in the long run. However, selling a pro MacBook with 8GB of RAM is the problem, not actually providing 8GB of RAM in a laptop.

14-Inch M3 Max MacBook Pro ClosedImage source: Christian de Looper for BGR

I was astounded by Bob Borchers, Apple’s vice president of worldwide product marketing, when he addressed this critique in an interview with Chinese content producer Lin YilYi (via MacRumors).

Since we employ memory compression, have a unified memory architecture, and utilize memory so effectively, comparing our memory to that of other systems isn’t really comparable. 8GB on an M3 MacBook Pro is actually possibly comparable to 16GB on other systems. It’s just that we can use it far more effectively. Therefore, I would advise anyone to try everything they wish to on their systems; I believe they will witness amazing performance. When you consider these systems’ raw data and capabilities, you can see that they are truly amazing (). People must go beyond the features and truly investigate the applications of that technology. The real test is that.

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While I acknowledge that a computer is more than just its specifications, Apple employs benchmarks to its advantage when appropriate and labels this approach as harmful when it could be interpreted negatively.

It seems odd to term a laptop pro with only 8GB of RAM, even if I’m sure the M3 MacBook Pro is fairly capable. This machine will satisfy regular users, but I wouldn’t suggest it to someone who intends to perform any serious work on it.

You can read our evaluation of the M3 Max MacBook Pro below. BGR has reviewed the device.

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