Among Us’ Next Major Title Update to Add New Colors to The Game

The choice of Crewmate colors in the Innersloth social deduction game Among Us could be quite important. One of the earliest ways people

used to identify who was an Imposter and who wasn’t was through the use of colors rather than names when referring to other players in

video games. Now that Inner Sloth has added more hues, some fans of the color’s difficult relationship with the Among us are reminded of Tan’s astonishing revelation.

The only new colors introduced so far in Innersloth’s bestselling title are Rose and Gray. Tan has now been added as the newest color for

Among Us, was initially created for colorblind gamers. However, the addition of color to the game is not new. It was fully eliminated from Among

Us after appearing for the first time in 2019 in promotional materials and broadcasts.

The official Among Us account on Twitter highlighted Tan’s already remarkable history with the game. Given that Tan was featured in the

game before Among us last year became immensely popular and a significant element of culture, many supporters may not have done so. The

reasoning behind Tan being cut off from the game, though, is fascinating.

About Among Us:

Among Us update brings a new color: Tan! - SlashGear

As a “social deduction game for online multiplayer,” among us is a computer game created by the InnerSloth company that was released in

2018. Up to 10 players run around in a virtual spacecraft performing conventional maintenance tasks while trying to identify the “impostors”

before they destroy everything. Do you recall the Mafia game or sleepover? Unless you’re a little astronaut from blobby, it’s that.

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Four to ten participants are given a random role called the Skeld at the start of the game. Either you’ll be an enforcer to pretend to execute

fictitious duties while actually choosing and killing the players aboard the ship, or you’ll be a frequent crewmate to complete before the round

ends, from checking your health conditions to watching the ship’s course. In order to fit stuff, they can potentially destroy the entire boat, let

oxygen out, or ruin the reactor.

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When a body is found, the finder alerts the other participants, and a meeting is called to discuss who the impostor is (or is, if there are

several). Those who receive the majority of the votes are eliminated, and the voting process continues until an emergency meeting is called or

someone phones. If you are a fraud, your goal is to have everyone else cast votes as convincingly as possible. If there are multiple impostors

and you are one of them, you should find out who the other is before you start chasing each other.


Tan was never formally involved in the game.

Tan can be found chilling out as an emoji on the InnerSloth Discord channel.

The next update for The Last of Us will be made available on June 10 during Summer Game Fest.

One of the games with the most popular is called Among Us. It is one whose acceptance is growing daily. Furthermore, it frequently delivers

great updates. Now, what they’ve done is added a new shade of color to Among Us. And what is that? It’s Tan. If you’ve ever played Among

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Us, you’re probably familiar with a tan. This shade has never been produced for the Among Us team. However, it genuinely has a deadline.

Tan Was Never Formally Involved in The Game.

Tan never officially entered the game; the crewmate merely appeared in development streams in 2019. Tan might have been the game’s 12th

color, but the developer chose Lime instead. Tan is still present on the InnerSloth Discord service, just chilling around as an emoji. Over the

past month, InnerSloth has been introducing new crewmate colors in Among Us, mostly as a result of the game’s expanding lobby sizes. Rose

was the first of these. The makers promised that there would be many more colors to come after introducing the delicate color, which is

midway between pink and white, to fans on May 20.

Tan Appears as An Emoji on The Inner Sloth Discord Server

Secret Story of the New Color - Among Us - YouTube

The small bean crewmates have sparked a wave of popularity, with gamers creating short stories based on a crewmate’s preferred headgear

or the color of their suit. After all, an egg headgear sends completely different signals than a Viking helmet.

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More Details on Among Us’ Next Update Will be released at the Summer Game Fest

Tan will be the next hue introduced to the game, according to Among Us, who teased it’s coming on Twitter. For those who are unaware, tan

and its history are the subject of a Wiki fandom page. Tan was intended to be the thirteenth hue for Among Us but was ultimately dropped

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since the designers didn’t want an uneven distribution of colors. Tan is the 12th color and was created with lime. However, tan did begin to

appear starting on August 11, 2019, during the Polus development stream, and it was eventually introduced as an emoji to the Innersloth

Discord server. Tan will now be added to Among Us as an official new color.


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