A beginner’s guide: how to copy trade on BitYard

BitYard, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency derivative exchange, was founded in 2020. The platform offers a variety of trading options, including: cryptocurrency, index, foreign currency, commodity, cryptocurrency spot trading, copy trading and CFD (contract for difference).
Among all, one of the most widely acclaimed function is copy trading. Copy trading is a trending innovation on the cryptocurrency market. With copy trading, even novices can enjoy trading easily. All you need to do is observe professional investors’ public information, choose a trading strategy that you approve of, decide on the transaction amount and then copy the selected trade. Voilà! By following professional traders’ investment advice and copy their trades, anyone can start trading at once. Before starting to trade, you need to make a minimum deposit of 5 USD. The amount is much lower than most trading platforms.
To a great extent, copy trading lowers the threshold of investing in cryptocurrency for people without financial background. As for advanced traders being followed by other traders, a commission of at least 8% of trader’s revenue would be given to them for each successful trade. Copy trading at BitYard not only benefits copiers, but also listed traders. BitYard creates a win-win situation to make for a friendly trading environment for every trader.

Instead of doing endless research from scratch on your own, or spending a lot of money and time on expensive investment courses/workshops, copy trading seems to be a more feasible way with a lower cost. It is also timesaving. By observing and trying different trading strategies and then choosing the ones that you approve of, users no longer need to spend a great deal of time analyzing market trends before making transactions. For people who are unfamiliar with crypto market or don’t have much time to do research, copy trading is the best choice for you! When copying listed traders at BitYard, you don’t need to open/close the positions on your own. The traders you follow will finish the whole process for you. 
Copy trading may also help to boost confidence since in the world of copy trading, one doesn’t need to understand much about cryptocurrency or become an expert in the field in order to start trading. Practice makes perfect and plus, with the professional advice coming from listed traders, even if you are a newbie in investment, you can enjoy trading as well! In the long run, if you analyze past transactions and learn from experiences, chances are you may successfully learn to incorporate different trading styles and discover your own philosophy of trading. It appears that copy trading is really a good starting point for new traders. 

To make copiers reassure with trading advice provided by top traders, BitYard implements a strict verification process to pick out professional listed traders to make sure they are qualified enough. BitYard is devoted to bring global investors a reliable and secure trading experience. Detailed information about trading performance of listed traders will be shown to global BitYard users. Visible information includes P/L ratio, profit rate, win rate in 30 days, accumulated followers and total trades in 30 days.
For both webpage and app users, there’s a search tag for users to filter traders with different trading strategies. These tags help label traders quickly and enable users to easily search for preferred conditions accordingly. Optional categories include trading style (short term, mid term, long term, high risk, steady, etc.), P/L ratio in 30 days (unlimited, less than 20%, 20-60%, over 60%), and trading days. You can also adjust the search results in a sequence of P/L ratio, win rate, profit rate or accumulated followers. You can choose to follow a particular trader to keep the trader on your radar. And of course, when the trader’s trading style no longer suits your demands, you can always unfollow that trader.
For experts who hope to become listed traders at BitYard, your account must have deposits of at least 500 USDT, and you must complete your KYC on BitYard website. Last but not least, you need to download BitYard app and file an application.
The BitYard App is available for both Android and iOS users. Traders are able to trade whenever and however they like. The website and the app basically share same functions. Moreover, BitYard trading fees are much lower than other platforms.

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