List of the Best Automation Testing Companies

Picking the right automation testing company can draw a line between a successful launch and total disaster. This is especially important for DevOps, where the goals are both speed and quality, and each possibility to introduce automation and remove the risk of human error worth its weight in gold. The demand for QA services is … Read more

Global Digital Platform KOK PLAY Launches its Own Mainnet, “K STADIUM”

Blockchain-based global digital platform KOK PLAY announced that it has launched its own mainnet, K STADIUM. K STADIUM is a mainnet based on the new consensus algorithm DPoI (Delegated Proof of Investment) powered by domestic company Medium Co. Ltd’s blockchain technology that features a community pool of investors. The mainnet, K STADIUM GroundChain, uses Hyperledger … Read more

MRISSTIME Creates a New Way to Play with Digital Collections, 10,000 Collections are up for Grabs

MRISSTIME, the leading Swiss watch company, has recently launched its 10,000-piece digital collection on opensea. Since the launch of MRISSTIME, more than 10,000 customers have contacted MRISSTIM customer service online to make an appointment to purchase the collection. On the day of launch, the number of followers even affected the Gas Price fee on Ethereum. … Read more