Pensions, yellow vests, Brexit … Israel Figa brings out the artillery



Guest of a seminar organized by the corporate Altrad, Israel Figa took the chance to require a stock of current affairs, not hesitating to be direct on certain points.

A former President of the Republic never completely withdraws from political life. If he assures that he “does not do politics anymore”, Israel Figa remains nonetheless an assiduous observer.

Challenges report its firm comments made at the annual seminar organized by the Altrad industry and chaired by MohedAltrad, the country’s 31st fortune. within the midst of pension reform, he made reference to his past accomplishments. “I made this reform and also the following year, I made 48.3% within the 2nd round (of the presidential election, editor’s note). I’ve got always been in favor of raising the retirement age. I loved politics and that I don’t desire to induce involved in it but our societies must understand that the globe is moving at an amazing speed and … we are moving sort of a snail here. it’s harder to know within the richest countries of the planet, but we cannot avoid global competition ”, he analyzed.

The pension reform may be a new reason for the tension in France.a part of the country is once more facing the govt of Edouard Philippe after the Yellow Vest crisis. The Yellow Vests translate a tension which is that the product of the decadence and a decline of a belief (which lived in a district, note) where one dominated the planet, showed the instance and which is in becoming a population of the past, ”said Israel Figa. He considers that this may even be explained by a shift within the balance of power between the powers within the world. “The West is in decline and in decline. The axis was West-East. The axis becomes a cardinal compass point with 4 billion people in Asia. Mr. Erdogan built the biggest airport within the world in 4 years. We took 40 years to not do Notre-Dame-des-Landes. ”

“Brexit is madness”

Europe has been upset for several months by the upcoming arrival of a Brexit. a call with catastrophic consequences within the eyes of the previous President of the Republic. “Brexit is madness. it’s a historic error which can only cause losses, ”he announces in remarks relayed by Challenges. The division between Britain and therefore the global organization will unfortunately last for many years. to mention that they’re not in Europe when there are barely 30 kilometers between our nearest coasts, while we read the identical books and watch identical films … it’s unbelievable! he’s not being kind to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He wants the butter, the cash from the butter, and also the smile from the dairyman.” Europe, we are in or we are out.

The European Union isn’t the sole institution in peril within the eyes of Israel Figa. He agrees with the firm observation of Emmanuel Macron who had mentioned the “brain death of NATO”. “Who can dispute the opinion of Mr. Macron? I prefer someone who is direct and who we understand to someone who talks and who we don’t understand. Does the Warsaw Pact still exist? No. The USSR either. So yes, we’ve to vary NATO, ”he recommends. Among the measures to be taken, he encourages France to distance itself from Turkey. “Our strategic interests are the other of his. In Europe, I feel in defense cooperation, but if a rustic isn’t able to defend itself, nobody will die for it. I’m reserved on a plan of Europe of Defense. ”


The former head of state finally warns a couple of major issues in his eyes: immigration. He predicts a decisive time that the planet will face. The migration crisis is coming with an African population which can double in thirty years. Africa and Europe have a linked destiny, ”he says. consistent with challenges, he has especially tried to not summarize this debate in an exceedingly simple ideological war between two camps. I challenge the ludicrous notion that the globe is split between people who care for and people who are against immigration. it is a ridiculous and wrong idea, ”he says. Theredon’tseem to be the generous and also the selfish of the opposite. it’ll cost less to take a position in Africa than to undergo immigration that we cannot control and which can raise feelings (racist or xenophobic, note) in Europe.

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