Orlando Dermatology Clinics Find Rashes and Blistered Toes in CoronaVirus Patients


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Dermatologists in several states are reporting cases of rashes on the bodies of some patients with COVID-19. From the beginning of the pandemic, doctors and researchers recorded many cases of patients with red and irritated blotches on their skin that seemed to spread to their toes. Experts have begun to warn the public about Coronavirus Toes and urge anyone who sees a similar reaction to seek medical attention immediately. While having a rash by no means guarantees a positive infection, data shows that these types of rashes are becoming more and more prevalent.

A Mysterious Rash

Dr. Randy Jacobs is a dermatologist in California who has seen a pattern of CoronaVirus Rash among his patients. He describes the rash as ‘transient livedo reticularis’ which is a reddish ‘net-like’ texture on the skin of people with COVID-19. The rash is known to come and go in patients, with experts not really sure why. Reportedly, one patient saw his rash appear and disappear in only 19 hours. In another case the patient only had the rash for 3 hours. “It can come and last an hour and go away and people might not even see it,” said Jacobs. “They might not even notice it because it comes and it goes.”

Another researcher looking closely at the effects of the virus is Dr. Joanna Harp, director of Inpatient Dermatology at the New York Presbyterian Hospital. Apparently she’s found that the types of rashes differ among patients, whom she has been studying since the pandemic began. “The main finding we have noted is a pattern of lacy, red-purple rashes, some with skin necrosis, on the arms, legs, and buttocks in critically-ill COVID-19 patients,” she said. Although, she also found that problems like Coronavirus Toes often develop in patients in more critical conditions who have a history of blood clots or stroke.

Looking For Answers on the Skin

The CoronaVirus Rash can be tell-tale signs of a virus, but one can’t be too sure until they see a dermatologist. Of course it’s always good advice that if someone gets a rash they’ve never seen, they should definitely get it checked out. In Florida, for example, one of the best Dermatologist Orlando citizens can visit, Derrow Dermatology, is one good option. This is important, according to Dr. Harp, because “the skin may be a window into how differently patients’ immune systems can react when confronted with this virus.” Likewise, Coronavirus Toes can also be a product of our bodies response to fight the virus.

The best thing we can all do right now is try to stay safe and avoid a possible infection. If you get any of these symptoms with regards to rashes, seek medical attention immediately and try to stay away from the public because you may either put yourself or others at risk. You can also look up dermatology clinics in your area and get examined by a medical professional who will be able to properly assess your case.

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