Sky Mac, LESS LOVE, and the LA Music Video Awards



The Oklahoma City-based band LESS LOVE is no stranger to struggle. After being together for 14 years, and having had almost as many singers, the line-up has diminished to the point of having only one original member touring.

Nonetheless, the band has released what may be their most powerful single to date. The new song Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans) boldly goes against all socially acceptable reasoning. Incorporating ugly language and forgoing polite understanding LESS LOVE is saying there is a clear reason America is falling apart. They are pointing their finger at POTUS.

Via Skype, the band’s frontman Sky Mac took the time to discuss the matter with me. “The United States has a history of doing this, ” he explains. “Lincoln, a Republican, freed the slaves. In response to that, all the hateful rural Americans began to vote Democrat. That continued for almost 100 years. Then in the 1960s, all the Democrats pushed for civil rights so the same hateful mass began to vote Republican. Fast forward to 2008. The United States elected our first African American president. That should have happened decades ago. Instead of continuing that forward motion, the ignorant majority took a major step backward. They responded by electing an openly racist man to follow Obama. In 2017 when Trump called a group of white supremacists “fine people” his base defended him. This song is a declaration of “no more.” You don’t get to say you support Trump but you are not a racist. You allow this behavior. You support racism.”

Sky’s conviction to the cause is evident in the song. The lyrics of which are at times uncomfortable using hate speech to make it’s the point.

Discussing his own experience Sky informs me, “Though my skin is white I am a member of the Choctaw Tribe of Oklahoma. My cousins are more than half-bloods because my uncle was a full-blood. All my life I have seen the police treat my family members differently than I am treated. Still to this day if we travel together they prefer I drive because cops are less likely to pull over a white guy.”

There is no doubt. This song is going to anger people on both sides of the argument. Knowing that Sky refuses to apologize, “We all need to be angry. Get angry and do something. If you want to attack me then more power to you. Just be ready for me to fight back because I am pissed. Do you want to hear something messed up? Facebook will let me post these hateful lyrics but won’t let me post ” Trump” and “White” together. Their algorithm protects him over minorities.”

Sky has no illusions. He tells me people resist protest songs, “the ’50s and ’60s burned everybody out.” He also explains hard-rock is no longer popular. “I quit caring what other people think when the band split up. I am all that is left. Billy is still a member of the band but only as a studio player. Plus he is in Russia and I am in Southeast Asia. I no longer have to ask anybody’s opinion.”

It may be that freedom from concern that allows LESS LOVE to once again reach past glory. The music video for Snow White Trash (Trump’s Americans) has been nominated for a LA Music Video Award in the category of Best Rock Video. As well the video has been added to playlists such as and the radio edit of the song is receiving college radio traction.

The song’s massive attack and hooky guitar riff are not to be denied. Sky repeatedly screaming “I don’t get it. You say I should. I know you mean it. It’s just no good.” doesn’t so much encourage you to sing along but it does leave you agreeing. Right now things are just no good.

The 2020 LA Music Video Awards ceremony will be held on September 13th at The LA Performing Arts Center. Tickets to the event will be available via Eventbrite.


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