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2016 is and will be a year to remember. The tech giants rose and fell and the stories just got more juice-er with interesting happenings in 2016. but these are the biggest stories of 2016


    The galaxy note 7 drama shocked Android users worldwide and took the scene as the biggest Android fail of 2016, it started with the exploding batteries and things later escalated to heights to which even Samsung was taken by surprise. The global sales were called off and then the subsequent total recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Sales plunged to rocket lows and Samsung was experiencing the worst of times as this had never happened to the appraised Note line. Rumors have it that note line will eventually be discontinued….a minute of silence for our fallen flagship.



    Google took 2016 with a sway and presented to us what phones should really look like with them entering the hardware business. The google pixel came to life with the pixel and the pixel xl but this came with at a price. A balance had to be restored to the tech world and so the Nexus line had to die. Fans of the previous Nexus 6p and Nexus welcomed the pixel with mixed feelings and the well appraised cheap flagship from Google ended and was rather replaced with an $800 device. we look forward to what Google will present to us in 2017.


  • Xiaomi redesigned the smartphone concept

    Xiomi the rising tech firm made 2016 as a year to remember with the Xiomi Mi Mix. A concept phone with a bezel-less display with bright vivid colors. android fans were graced with a phone that didn’t look like the usual phone they use to know and see. Xiomi took it to a whole new level and presented craftsmanship in smartphones and they managed not to leak the designs. Apple users at this moment could only wish Apple would up their game a bit more and explore the various innovations in the world of tech.

    Xiaomi Mi Mix


  • Oneplus Graced Us. Twice!

    Affordable smartphones took the scene in 2016. Oneplus first dropped the Oneplus 3 which pleased many users as they got a smartphone flagship experience on a budget. As if that wasn’t enough already, Oneplus upped their game with the release of the Oneplus 3T a few months later, which is a much hotter and sexy version of the already appraised 3. Fans were a little upset at OnePlus for releasing the 3T just a few months after the 3 but OnePlus has taught the big flagships that quality and user experience can also be affordable, as their oxygen OS a modified form of Android was well received by users.


    Google released the much awaited Android 7.0 named the Nougat. It first appeared on the LG v20 and it later walked its way into other devices. Android changed its game by upping the user experience and multitasking became a lot more fun. The update brought productivity with Google Now/Now on Tap essentially got upgraded by the Google Assistant, which was more user-friendly notifications got better and Google promised for the best.



    With the release of the much awaited iPhone 7 and 7 plus, fans were rather saddened with the slaughter of the headphone jack by eliminating it from their recent release. Although this feature was actually started by Motorolla, it took trend when Apple implemented it on their iPhone 7 & plus. The  3.5mm headphone jack will no longer appear on their upcoming phones. but Apple contradicted themselves by including it in their 2016 MacBook pro. so you can use your headphones with your pc but not your phone?  Apple please get your game straight


with all the recent happenings in 2016, it was a blast but the biggest stories are yet to be told so let’s see what 2017 has to offer for the tech world. If you love this post then definitely check out others like this on this website and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and facebook @Techkrest for more interesting updates.


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