20 Best Movie Downloading And Streaming Websites in 2021:

For too many people watching different types of movies is the main way of entertainment. But here the main thing is that nothing comes free. There are too many websites that provide you the opportunity to download or stream new movies but for this, you have to buy their subscription. 
It is very difficult to find a free website that provides you the opportunity to download and stream new movies. But you don’t have to worry about this because in this article we will tell you about the 20 best free movie download sites.
However, there are too many websites present on the internet that offer you to download your favorite movie, TV shows, and many other things but without paying any money. 
Top 20 Website To Download Movies:
All the free movie download sites are given below:

  1. YouTube

It is a fact that YouTube doesn’t need any explanation because on the internet YouTube is one of the biggest sources that provides you the opportunity to download and stream movies.
You can easily stream any movie on YouTube without paying any money. But the best thing about this website is that it gives you more than 400 film features that are used for free streaming. 
But remember one thing, this website is totally different from YouTube TV. Because YouTube TV is a streaming service. On this website, you will find movies, TV shows, and many other things in too many languages. 
The best feature of YouTube/activate is that it is a legal website and to watch movies on YouTube you don’t need to buy any subscription or pay any money. Overall it is the best option for those people who don’t afford the paid websites like Netflix and others. 
Things We Like About YouTube:
Comes with simple user-interface
Provides you unlimited movies to stream and download
It is also the best platform for earning

  1. The Internet Archive

The internet archive is the best and famous movie downloading website that contains millions of free movies to download books, software, and many other things. Actually, the internet archive works as a savior in too many cases. It also allows you to access all the blocked websites and also offline websites. 
In recent years the internet archive website only gives direct links to the movies because at that time there were no torrent links. And because of the big size, it is not possible to download movies. 
But after some time the torrent links were introduced and now with the help of these torrent links you can easily download unlimited movies. The best feature is that you don’t have to spend any money to download movies from the internet archive.
However, the list of movies is growing continuously and you will find new content every day. 
Other than this the internet archive website also offers you to build a virtual library card. Basically, with the help of this, you can easily upload different types of videos, forum access, and also you can bookmark your favorite movie.
Things We Like:
Movies directory is vast
This website is available in the whole world
The torrent option is available for too ma movies

  1. Watch TCM

If you are living in the US then you know very well that the most famous method to watch free movies, and TV shows is a cable subscription. Because in the US there are too many players who collaborate with the cable networks and they provide you watch free movies. 
One of them is the TCM (Turner Classic Movies) that offers you a huge collection of movies and TV shows. The service of TCM that provides you the opportunity to watch free movies is called the “Watch TCM”. 
However, this service will offer you unlimited new and old movies for free with the help of satellite or cable packages. The feature that makes TCM a better option as compared to others is its Android and iOS application. This means you can also watch free movies on your mobile phone or tablet. 
Things We Like About TCM:
Easily watch all types of movies
Watch free movies with the help of a cable subscription

  1. Hotstar
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Above we mentioned the American viewers and their content but now it turns to talk about the Indian users and their content. 
However, too many paid services like Netflix are now adding Hindi content to increase their audience. Hotstar is considered one of the best movie downloading websites. You can easily download any website to watch new and old movies offline. 
However, if you are not satisfied with the Hotstar free plan then in this situation you can become a paying customer of Hotstar. With the help of this, you can access the premium Indian movies collection. 
The best part of this free movie downloading website is its user-friendly interface, other than this the well-design and beautiful application of Hotstar is also present. Overall it is the best website to download movies and also to watch the news, sports, and Indian shows. 
Things We Like:
Best website for Indian users
Premium subscription of Hotstar is affordable

  1. The Korean Film Archive

With the popularity of different Korean movies like Burning, Parasite, Minari, and Handmaiden, most Americans now want to see this type of amazing content. It is a fact that the Korean Film Archive on YouTube is a hidden stone. 
However, on YouTube, you will find a channel labeled with the Korean Classic Film. Basically, if you are a fan of Korean films then this channel is for you. It contains more than 190 Korean movies, all mixed like some movies are new released and some are old. 
If you don’t understand the Korean language, then don’t worry because all the movies contain English subtitles. If you want to watch Korean movies, then you can try this channel and you won’t be disappointed with this channel. 
Things We Like:
Best option to download and watch the Korean movies
English subtitle is also present

  1. Le CiNéMa Club

The Le CiNéMa Club was launched in 2015 and now it is famous and one of the best indie film streaming websites. The main motive of this streaming website is to promote the new creators and their talent who always deserve better than this. 
This indie film website is famous because they launch a film every week and available to users, you can easily download any indie film or stream it online. However, if you don’t know about the indie film then let me explain it to you. 
The indie film means the short film; you will find most of the short films but the best part of this website is it is present for long films also. 
Things We Like:
You will find the new movie every week
All the original movies
Most of the films are short length

  1. Crackle:

The next free movie downloading website that we want to mention is crackle and this website was introduced by Sony. 
However, with the help of this website you can easily watch too many new and old movies. For this first, you have to create an account and then create the watchlist, with the help of your categories you will find the movies. 
Other than this the Crackle website will provide you with too many Tv shows, most popular movies that you can’t find free on other websites. 
The best thing we like about the crackle is that it’s Android and iOS application is also present, if you want to stream movies on your smartphone then the crackle will provide you this opportunity. 
It might be possible that some movies or TV shows are blocked but don’t worry, you can watch them with the help of a VPN. 
Things We Like:
All legal movies
Tv shows are also present
Mobile application

  1. Pluto TV

The Pluto Tv website cones with the TV layout and in our list I like this website too much. Basically, Pluto Tv provides you the opportunity to watch more than 80 TV channels for free. 
All these channels are of various categories like tech, sports, news, movies, and many other categories. However, its application is also present for all platforms like Android and iOS, you can easily watch the content on your mobile phones and also on your laptop or computer. Keep in mind that some TV channels are only for US users, but you can watch these channels with the help of a VPN. 
Things We Like:
Comes with the TV interface
Channels are present in every category

  1. A24 Movies on Kanopy
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If we speak about the underrated movie streaming websites, then the first name that comes out is Kanopy. 
Basically, the Kanopy website is parenting with too many universities and libraries and because of this now they offer you too many free movies. However, recently Kanopy declared that they are now partnering with the movie studio A24.
Things We Like:
Too many award-winning movies are present
You can easily watch free movies without any subscription

  1. Open Culture

There are too many categories you will find on this website. The open culture website is the name of free movies and many other things. Basically, this website was introduced in 2006 and contains six categories. 
All these categories include Textbooks, movies, language courses, and other online courses. If we talk about the movies section, then it contains too many amazing movies that you always want to watch. However, now it offers you more than 1500 free movies.
Things We Like:
You will find the award-winning movies
Along with the movies, other things are also present like language courses, Audiobooks, and others.

  1. MoviesFoundOnline

The moviesfoundonline is known for the various TV shows, free new and old movies, comedy videos, and many other things. However, here you will find all types of movies like comedy, short films, cultural, full-length movies, and also documentaries. 
The important thing that you should know is the moviesfoundonline website will don’t work on uploading their own movies. 
When any movie gets a copyright claim then they immediately delete that movie because of the copyright claim. Other than this the amazing thing about this website is that it comes with the night mode to protect your eyes.
Things We Like:
You will find all types of movies like short, comedy, documentary, and others
Night mode is also present

  1. NoBudge

This website is the hard work of one person. The NoBudge website was introduced by the indie filmmaker Kentucker Audley and he is also an actor. However, you will find the feature and short films on this website. 
But it is a fact that you will find too many movies that are not too much seen or don’t have any reviews. So, you can watch all these movies for free and the best thing is that all the movies are selected by Audley.
Things We Like:
You will get a new film every day
Watch free movies without creating an account

  1. PopcornFlix

It is another free movie downloading and streaming website that is introduced by Screen Media Ventures. On this website, you will find too many public domain movies, and also it offers you to watch the original content. 
The best thing is that you can watch all the movies for free and you don’t need to spend money. However, the website offers you too many movies in various categories like drama, comedy, action, horror, and others. 
Things We Like:
Kids app is also present
Thousands of free movies in various categories

  1. Hulu

It is a premium website that means if you want to watch movies on Hulu, then you have to buy a subscription. But the best thing is for you that it offers a 30 days free trial and after this, you can buy the Spotify Premium Student package. 
For this package, you just have to pay $4.99 per month. Other than this if you want to watch TV shows then it provides you the opportunity to watch Tv shows for free for too many hours. 
Overall it is the best option if you want to watch premium movies and the mobile application of Hulu is also present. 
Things We Like:
Affordable student plan is present
Too many movies, TV shows, dramas, and many other things are present

  1. Vimeo
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The Vimeo website is the same as YouTube because it contains a huge collection of movies that you can watch for free. The website comes with a clean user interface that is the best option for those who want the best place to watch movies. 
For entertainment, you will get short movies and the best feature is that the Vimeo website contains a special section named on-demand content. Here you have to pay some money and watch TV shows and movies of your choice.
Things We Like:
Same as YouTube it provides too many movies
The on-demand section that offers you to watch on your demand

  1. IMDb TV

The next recommendation is IMDb TV. It is also a movie streaming website that was introduced by Amazon. However, for American users who are the owner of Fire TV, this IMDb TV service is totally free. 
Now on this website, you will find a decent number of movies and other shows but the owner of this website will promise that he will include more movies and shows.
Things We Like:
It is a free service
An advanced search option is present

  1. Yidio

It might be possible that too many people don’t know about the Yidio. So, the complete name of this movie site is Your Internet Video. 
There are more than a million movies and Tv shows on this website and you can watch all of them. If you want to watch any movie or Tv show on this website then first you have to sign up and then you can watch movies. 
Other than this the watchlist section is also present in which you can add the movies and watch them later.
Things We Like:
It is a unique movie streaming website
It collects all the content from different big platforms like Netflix, Amazon, etc.

  1. Amazon Prime Video

The other best source to download and stream the different movies is Amazon Prime Video. This website provides you with both streaming online and downloading options. 
The Amazon Prime Video will provide you with a huge collection of movies, tv shows, documentaries, short films, and other things. Basically, it is a US-based company that allows you to download any movie, TV shows, documentary, or anything you want to download. 
The best news for you is that Amazon Prime Video is available in other countries. The company runs its office in the US, UK, Sweden, Germany, and many other countries.
    19. MydownloadTube
The other free movie streaming and downloading website is MydownloadTube. It is a legal website that doesn’t upload its own content because this website contains links to other big websites like Putlocker, Sockshare, 123movies, Megashare, gomovies, allmyvideos, etc. 
This website contains only links that is why it is not involved in legal or copyright matters. 

  1. Legal Torrent Sites:

The last website that we want to recommend is the legal torrent site. We all know that there are too many legal torrent websites are present on the internet. The best thing about these torrent websites is that you can easily find every movie or TV show.  
How to tell if a movie download website is legal?
You can’t find any specific test to check that the movie website is legal or not. But we can assure you that the above give 20 movie downloading and streaming websites are legal.
Do I need a VPN for free movie download?
If you are confirmed that the website, you are using is legal then in this situation you don’t need to use VPN. But you don’t know that the website is legal or not then you should use VPN.
Is it legal to download movies/shows on Netflix?
It is legal to download movies from Netflix but if you contain the paid version. You can download the movies and TV shows on your mobile phones and also on your laptop or computer.

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