10 Reasons to Use Coupon codes in Marketing Campaigns

Discount coupon codes are an important tool to increase your sales. As a result, they reach as many people and consumers as possible as it benefits them with great discounts on products and / or services.

Brands know that this type of promotional actions allows them to achieve greater engagement with their audience, in addition to having more than qualified information about their users in their hands. Online applications reach the target audience and offer them promotional codes that can be exchanged with discounts, gifts or benefits that favor the user.

That something that has a certain value, is much cheaper or even free, has a very high perception for the user.

In this way, coupons can be of two types: Those that are redeemed online when making a purchase or those that are downloaded and printed to redeem them in a physical store.

In both cases, the user leaves a trace that can be followed by the company that generates the code to know where it has been used and in what way, in addition, which allows the user to know much better.

In this article we will tell you the reasons to use the promo codes in your business.

Free Advertising: 

This type of promotion allows customers who did not know you and / or did not consider buying from you, share the promotion with their circle (word of mouth), etc. 

Above all, it is your great opportunity to convince the undecided, who are torn between two products with similar characteristics, or to attract customers without loyalty.

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We must try to make the name of our brand appear prominent in the discount. The campaign, in addition to increasing sales, should contribute to the development of the manufacturer / supplier brand that bears the cost.

Capture the Consumer and the User: 

Very important to take into account, it seems logical to affirm that, when launching discount coupons, we should not fall into the (usual) mistake of prioritizing obtaining new customers over the loyalty of current ones. 

In fact, it is generally easier to sell to a satisfied customer than a potential one. We should opt for a single offer for both or, better yet, personalize it depending on whether it is aimed at consumers or users.

Regular but not routine offers: 

Overexploitation of this promotional marketing resource can overwhelm the recipient and cause presumed “bargains” to end up in the spam or recycle bin of many subscribers. 

Launching discount coupon codes or offers with a fixed periodicity, and / or too intense, eliminates the call effect and the surprise associated with a “punctual and unrepeatable offer”, which must be taken on the fly.

Exit seasonality: 

Discount coupon codes increase consumption in times when it tends to fall, exceeding the limits of seasonality. For this reason, prepare your best promotions to launch them in the off-season, it is just when the discount coupons become authentic safe-conducts to exit the stock.

Saving effect: 

Many people buy only for the positive psychological effect that enhances the feeling that you are saving while you consume, for that winning feeling that invades us when, indeed, we do a good business. 

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Perhaps the user did not plan to go on vacation, indulge us, etc., and that commercial opportunity encourages him.

Multichannel Resource: 

We must consider various options such as linking promotional marketing to mobile marketing, to QR codes, to discount codes that can be integrated into the e-commerce and m-commerce shopping cart.

Not only because of the innovative image that we emit , but because the user will feel special for your brand by receiving differential treatment. In addition to magazines or other media, the Internet and mobile phones are your allies, make them your partners! 


The results of the promo codes / vouchers / coupons are measurable in the short term, when the promotion ends and during the following weeks, which allows us to calculate the ROI more easily.


Discount coupons are a hook to collect opinions, get users to share our offers or give us their assessment of the campaign itself. Learning from the experience and the customer is always a good way to improve ourselves, so your opinion will be of great value.

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